Gold on Infinity Blade 2 Review

It is frustrating. It is an awesome game and it has amazing graphics. Infinity Blade 2 is the best thing that has happened on iphone since the first app. The problem is how to get enough gold quickly.

There used to be various cheats that worked like modifying the .bin file and doing a farm by looping through the tutorials to resell the infinity blade and other borrowed items which if you rebirthed before putting the infinity blade into the stone you would still retain all the items at the start of the new birth which you could sell.

In short with the new sky cages update all of the old cheats are patched. the .bin file values are encrypted, the items from the tutorial are now not showing up by rebirthing. So attaining gold is just plain a time waster.

Not any more. infinityblade2gold.com has the secret to insane amounts of gold as much as you want within the game without any type of hack or jailbrake. Best of all it can never be patched because Chair is not going to b=put out an update of this size. The entire store would have to be reprogrammed and designed, and that is just too much work.

The trick is genius. You don’t need any skill to do it and you make 1 million gold instantly each time you do the trick. Unfortunately you have to buy the secret, but it is way worth it becasue you will save weeks even month of trying to save up gold. In fact infinityblade2gold.com cheat is the fastest #1 way to make gold in the game gauranteed. If you are making 1 million gold each second, and you can do it ANYTIME during normal gameplay, you know this is the fast way to get gold on infinity blade 2.

Don’t think it will work? Read all the infinity blade 2 gold reviews right here. All reviews are exactly as emailed. One guy posted a photo of him having used the infinityblade2gold cheat and had 220 million gold laughing how easily it was to do.

This review is more like an ad but it is one way to insure that anyone looking for the quick and easiest way to get gold on infinity blade 2 they will know where to go. You can use credit card through paypal to get the video and the password works on all videos.

So in conclusion, You dont’ need any skill for this to work, you don’t need to already have expensive items or be on level 200 or something. You can do the 1 million gold trick at anytime even in the start of the game. In fact one video on here shows how to get infinite gold + all items at the start of the game!

Just think starting out the game with almost every item! I hope you are wise enough to buy the video it really is the best trick and that is why it is not free. The cheat is so good that it is worth the $5. The fastest way to earn gold on infinity balde 2 is now just a click away!

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