After FInding all 4 parts to the vile set go to the Chamber room with the coffin. You first will need to defeat the fat guy in there behind the casket. Then view the vile map and click on the casket to open the tomb. Your robot that has been following you all throughout the game (most mistake him as the girl “Isa” that shoots you in the head at the start of the game just after the God King steal your infinity blade. But this robot is really the way that rebirths are taking place. He drags you back to the medical healing machine each time you die.

So it’s not a time machine or portal that your waking up on that is a hospital bed that heals you.

The robot is your helper and in the chamber room warns you not to go down there becasue theres something bad. Of course you insist to go and see yourself! Below is a statue room that reveals the hidden truth of your past. That you are a “Tyrant”. The knife held down low says it all as she screams in your mind revealing your trecherous past. As you recall the memories, a soveneir falls from the glory of the statues: The Holy Ring.

See also the vile blade, vile helmet, vile armor